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UK sustainability body calls for $81 billion retrofitting plan

24th May 2024

The UK Green Building Council has called for a £64 billion ($81 billion) retrofitting initiative to boost the sustainability of homes and to regenerate town centres.

With a UK general election next month, the UKGBC is calling for a huge capital injection from the new government into retrofitting homes and regenerating town centres.  

Louise Hutchins, UKGBC head of policy & public affairs, said: “Reimagining and renewing the places we live, work and play is one of the best ways for an incoming government to tackle some of the country’s most palpable crises. 

“The built environment industry stands ready to help as an active partner, but any government wanting to show big tangible improvements will need to put their shoulder behind a much bolder approach than we’ve seen up to now.”

The UKGBC is calling for investment into:

  • Making sustainable home insulation upgrades easy, affordable and attractive
  • Making new developments high quality, well-connected and green 
  • Protecting communities from climate risks 
  • Renewing town centres 

Amongst other measures, the UKGBC says the government needs to invest in home insulation, replacing gas boilers with electric heat pumps and other low carbon measures. It also suggests the introduction of an Energy Saving Stamp Duty which incentivises homeowners to make sustainable upgrades to their homes.

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