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Our Commitment to Sustainability

17th February 2022

Through our content

Sustainability is not just part of what we do, it is what we do. Every piece of content in Sustain is produced in order to help the real estate industry to be more sustainable, by showcasing best practice, breaking important news stories, profiling key players, providing data and telling the stories of real estate people working to make their business better.

Climate change and carbon reduction is an important focus of our content, but we will examine every aspect of sustainability in real estate, taking in the social as well as the environmental.  Sustain is all about practical ways to improve the real estate business, not hectoring or lecturing. We recognise that the industry needs to do better and that the best way to advance that is through collaboration and cooperation.

Through our business

Sustain is committed to being a sustainable business. This means more than simply focusing on carbon emissions and climate change. It means working to minimise waste, to use renewable and recyclable resources wherever possible, to travel responsibly and to treat staff, customers and vendors reasonably and fairly.

The key to improving sustainability is data and, as a new business, Sustain has no data to with which to work. However, we pledge to fully offset the carbon emissions from our first period of operation (ending March 31, 2023) and will update stakeholders accordingly.

There is no ‘end’ to sustainable business; in the future, we will continue to work to improve all aspects of sustainability within our operations.

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