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Debunking energy efficiency myths

23rd June 2022

Energy efficiency is a hot topic right now. Globally, the built environment is responsible for almost 40% of carbon emissions – 28% of that from operational energy use. There’s urgency to improve the performance of existing buildings by minimising energy waste but this requires an attitude change about the perceived barriers to success. Let’s challenge some of the biggest misconceptions about energy efficiency, starting with how we use office buildings…

Myth #1: It’s cost and time intensive

Transformational sustainability programmes may seem like a big effort that will be disruptive, difficult and costly to implement, with results taking years. However, they don’t have to be monoliths and can be iterative, through simple building reprogramming and cultivating the right community. How do you inspire occupiers to switch off lights, shut down computers and care how many times they boil the kettle? By working with them on behaviour changes, you can capture the quick wins and kick-start long-term positive impact. ESG may be a business priority but it must resonate with everyday users to drive meaningful change. Tools like the CUBE Competition can deepen engagement and deliver savings from day one without major expenditure by gamifying the process and making it intuitive, where everyone strives towards one goal.

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